J boi

Coxswain, marketing major, economic minor, SUNY Albany '17, workin towards that prep life.

Post gala jack and ginger

Captain Gala with mom tonight

I go to my first gala tomorrow night, any tips?


how many followers do I need until I get random anons asking me how my day was?

Sometimes I claim I’m going to bed so I have an excuse to take of my pants and go on the internet

ask me random questions?


invasive if you so wish. I don’t care. anon or not :)

We were born different, it’s in our blood

Tom Bucanan, The Great Gatsby

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Will do

Will do

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if anyone wants to message me at all ill respond and post any/all

The painting my mom won at the auction at her white party last night, it captivates me anytime I walk by

Throwback to when my guys wore our girls hats showing respect to the parent with breast cancer

Every stroke must be your best stroke, otherwise, you’re just a waste of a seat on the boat. Anyone who cheats the stroke, cheats their boat.
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